The Neighbor

The Neighbor

By; Tony Z. and Bryan L.; staff writers

creepy old house

At the corner of Madison street, there was an old house. The house was the oldest house on the block, it was creaky, the windows were cracked, and the wood was all eaten by termites. On the front lawn, there was a dead tree. In that house lived Mr. Jenkins, a pale old man  that was creepier than you can imagine all of the creepy old men combined. There were rumors about Mr.Jenkins, that his house was haunted with all the creepiest monsters like ghosts or skeletons, but the creepiest rumor of all was that he killed his wife and children.


Many years ago, his wife and children had disappeared, their bodies were never found. But a young kid, only 13, named Eric, who lived right next to Mr. Jenkins’s creepy old looking house thought that these tales were fake. He didn’t believe in them. Until one day…..


“I dare you to go into Mr. Jenkins creepy old house.” Eric’s friend Patrick said. That would be trespassing,” Eric said.


“I’ll pay you ten bucks,” Patrick said. For a second, Eric thought if the tales were true. But, then he shook the thought off and told himself that the tales were fake, they were just myths, also he would get ten bucks for doing it.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” he told Patrick, “but you better pay me ten bucks for doing it!”


“I will, but you have to be in there for at least two minutes!”


“Fine,” Eric said. He went up to the house and he found the keys under the doormat, then he went inside the house.


Once he was in, Eric coughed at all the dust inside the house. Dust was everywhere. Dust was even on the furniture and Eric could see cobwebs on the old Grandfather Clock,  which looked as if it was stuck on the time 12:00.He yelled,


HHHEEELLLOOO THERREE!” as the house echoed.Then there was a sign that said If you can survive here for a week then you receive a lot of candy. Eric didn’t have time to think about what the sign said because, just then, Eric heard a car stop outside. “Mr.JENKINS!” Eric cried in his head. Eric quickly hid behind the old grandfather clock.


The door suddenly creaked open. When suddenly, the floor behind him fell down and Eric landed on his butt.


”Ow!” Eric said. Suddenly, a wave of dust hit Eric in the face, “there is even more dust than the house in this place!” Eric thought. “This must be the basement,” he thought. But when the dust cleared, Eric screamed, because in the basement where the dead bodies of Mr. Jenkins’ wife and children. He then remembered where he was and he ran around looking for a spot to hide for causing all the commotion. He found an old domo costume and put it on. He didn’t know where he was going and he bumped into an old grandfather clock. He looked up at the clock and it had cobwebs on it and it looked almost identical to the other one in Mr. Jenkins’s house, except it looked like this clock worked, he saw the second hand moving and the time was 11:59. The second hand moved past the 12 and he saw the minute hand move exactly on the 12. It was 12:00.


He heard Mr. Jenkins footsteps come down the stairs and he quickly hid behind the old grandfather clock that he was standing right next to. When Mr. Jenkins came down the stairs, Eric could see the pale old man’s face. He had a phone in his hand.


“Hello.” Mr. Jenkins said, “Repair Service, I need you to repair some floorboard that collapsed. Yes ok… it’ll take a couple of days and I’m fine with that.”Mr.Jenkins put the phone in his pocket  Eric was still in the basement, hiding behind the old grandfather clock.


Mr. Jenkins went up the stairs and into his house. Then, suddenly the dead bodies of Mr. Jenkins’ wife and children came to life “They’re ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!,”  Eric thought.


Unfortunately, Eric was never seen again after that unfortunate night. No one knows what happened to Eric on that scary night, not even Patrick, the one who dared Eric to go inside the house of terror. And NO ONE will know what happened to Eric unless you dare to go into the creepy, old haunted house of Mr. Jenkins, also known as THE NEIGHBOR.




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