Art Club

 Art Club

DSCN0095By: staff writer Joy Matthias

Do you like art? Art club is a creative club that started last year and gives kids a chance to do art at lunch. Kids get to release creative expression to others. The students find interesting, artistic things, shares them with the club by teaching the new crafts! Mrs. Smith is the one who started it.  She said that kids don’t do a lot of things at lunch so she thought art club would be good for kids to have a fun time.


Art club takes place in room #1, which is Mrs. Smith’s class.  It starts at lunch when the teacher arrives.  Students take turns teaching art to other kids. Mrs. Smith said, ”I like that students lead the class.  It’s different, and I learn from the kids too. Her favorite activity was the wallets of juice patches. She likes that we recycled as well as made a craft!


Mrs. Smith gets to just hang out with kids instead of teaching.  She thinks it’s a wonderful opportunity to interact with students. So basically you bring your lunch, and hang out- talk and relax, and be ready to do some ART!   What kind of art is done, you ask? Well, in art club we usually do things like drawing or coloring, but sometimes we do some really creative, crafty things!

Art club is a great way to hang out with your friends, eat yummy snacks, and chill during lunch time. Sunbo, one girl in the club said, “I like that it’s very active and fun! So, if you are bored at lunch, come and let’s make some art!  Will you sign up next?


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