A Bunch of Bananas

A Bunch of Bananas

By Eric Gasparro; staff writer


One dark, eerie, cold, misty Halloween night a group of 4 friends decided to go trick or treating in a new neighborhood.  They went to this neighborhood because they had heard that gave out king size candy bars. The four friends were Dylan, Bob, terry, and Joe.  They were all dressed up as bananas. These were very strange boys always up for a new adventure. This night was about to be one that they would never forget .


They were starting to trick or treat, when they realised something was strange. No one else was there.  Everywhere they looked the streets were empty but the houses were lit up awaiting trick or treaters.  This made them question if coming here was a good idea.  Suddenly, a bloody cowboy came out of the mist.  His right arm was missing.  He yelled,”Beware of the chainsaw horse” and disappeared.  They tried to decide if the cowboy was just a man in costume trying to scare them off or not.  Then, as if the night couldn’t get any weirder, clowns with guns surrounded them.


There were over 100 clowns all holding different types of guns. Before the boys could get a word out to figure out what was going on, a horse popped up and started charging at all of the clowns.  Every time one of the clowns tried to fire one of their guns it seemed to have no effect, so they started to run.  The boys picked up a couple of guns that had been dropped by the fleeing clowns.  They shot one and realised why they were useless. The bullets were made of pie! The boys all started to wonder if this was a sign that it was time to head home when the horse turned in their direction.


The horse was running at them, then suddenly, they noticed he had a chainsaw! There was a rustling in the bushes. Then a voice said,”I told you so, I told you so”. Then, Dylan had an idea. He shot a pie bullet into the horse’s mouth. The horse exploded into confetti.  When this happened the boys heard a big cheer and people started rushing out of their houses clapping and carrying king sized candy bars.  Apparently, this had all been some kind of sick joke that the neighborhood like to play on outsiders.  The boys didn’t run, so they earned the candy, ending a crazy night that they’ll never forget.  That night when they went to bed they hoped that nothing like that would ever happen again.  Then they woke up the next day as LLAMAS!!

The End

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