Mrs.Kawahara Interview

Mrs.Kawahara Interview

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


Being a new teacher at Magruder may not always be the easiest, but for this teacher it’s like a piece of cake. On her first day Mrs. Kawahara, as a new teacher at Magruder, was sort of excited and nervous, but her first day was great. She enjoyed our students and our school.  This is not her first time teaching, she started teaching in 2012.

Mrs. Kawahara came from New Jersey to California, which was a big change for her.  She went to college, first to NYU, then to USC to get her Undergraduate and then Masters Degree. She originally did not plan on being a teacher.  She was going to be a doctor, but in the end decided on teaching. She enjoys traveling to places, like Denver, and likes to read, but rarely has time. One other thing she likes to do is run.  She plans on running the L.A Marathon and plans on starting a running club here at Magruder.

One thing about her is that she has a Torrance past.  She actually went to Casmir and graduated from West High. Mrs. Nunez was actually her health teacher in middle school.

One saying she has is… “Everyone can learn, no matter what.” Her goal this year is to build confidence in the students doing math.   She plans on doing this by teaching actively and teaching things in steps.  This will lead to a great year in her class.

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