Miss Thompson Interview

Miss Thompson

By:Joy Matthias, staff writer


There are so many new teachers in the school. One of them is Miss Thompson. She has worked for 12 weeks at Magruder. She teaches 6th and 8th grade science. Her techniques for teaching are labs and experiments because she thinks it helps learning and kids have fun and it’s the best way for them to learn. Miss Thompson went to  the Westside Christian Academy in Torrance, in middle school. Miss Thompson went to the Upon the Rock Academy in high school. She went to Pepperdine University in College. She was a biology major and an education minor. She has an older sister 3 years older than her and a younger brother a year and a half. She likes reading, baking, and hiking. She has been playing  piano for 7 years.


“I think it’s great to do a lot of experiments because it’s fun and it relates to the learning environment.” She enjoys all her periods like for instance her period 6 is very chill she says, her period 5 she thinks they are very excited. Her period 4 she says work hard and well. She said she would like to teach drama because she enjoyed drama and did it as a kid.  She said,” My favorite thing about teaching is that I  like changing kids minds about science to a positive reinforcement!”

She said,” If I had another job to do I would choose being a nurse because I was a bio-major and I like helping people. I had a surgery once and I was horrified, but the nurse helped make it easier.”  She has never taught any other subject before. Her favorite subjects when she was little was Drama and English.

She said in the future she might teach 6th grade Math or English because she enjoyed it, but if she can- she will stay with Science. She loves teaching at this school and she loves the students here at Magruder.

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