Grades of Green Assembly

Grades of Green Assembly

by: Jenny C. and  Hong Tran D., Staff Members


Are the students recycling on this campus? On October 6th, Grades of Green representatives came to our school to do a presentation of recycling on our campus. They talked about how important it was to recycle and showed us some videos made by other students from other schools about packaging a trash free lunch, throw trash away in the right bin, and most important where each material goes.


Carly P. a seventh grader who is a part of this program stated, “ I think this program isDSCN0011 coming along really well and it introduces students into environmental issues” Ms. Borowski is in charge of this program and she said “It’s good to recycle”  They started off with telling us facts about the world, our trash, and basically everything in between! They then switched it up with 2 short videos about how to pack a earth friendly lunch and about all our trash. The Grades-Of-Green bunch also helped the ladies with showing us all of our bins we use to shorten our trash supplies. A game was played after that that used our knowledge of the bins and what goes in it. The presentation was ended shortly after that with a bit of talking, reminders about how we all should start recycling and caring for the world more, and we finally got to resume our normal, everyday school life.DSCN0030

So that was basically all that happened at the presentation. If you would like to help and work at the sorting station, see Ms. Borowski in Room 17 to sign up. She would like people to help.  You can choose to work for one day or two. So let’s all make the choice to recycle and not just dump everything in the trash. That would be hurting the environment

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