Grades of Green Club

Grades of Green Helpers and Environmental Science Students

By: Khanh P & Hong-Tran D., staff writers




Some people think that sorting trash, recycling bottles, and emptying/making compost is boring, but some people actually join this club or the environmental science elective and enjoy doing doing this. Students get a chance to learn a lot about the environment and help the environment, this can help build up a student’s character a lot. Many students have joined this club and are now great “green” students, because they are now eco-friendly people who pick up trash and help the environment whenever they get a chance. Located near the cafeteria are three compost bins that are filled with worms. Some people may think worms are nasty, but they are really helpful to the environment. They eat leftover fruits and vegetables and make nice soil for us.

Now lets talk about the sorting station. Students will stand behind their stationed area. Whenever a piece of trash ends up in the wrong place, it is the workers job to make sure it ends up in the right place. There is a free bin and if you do not want any of your food, you just leave it in the bin and maybe someone else would want it, such as sandwiches that our members really love! If there are some fruits or vegetables that are not eaten, instead of throwing them in the compost bin, you can give them to Ms. Borowski. For liquids, pour juice, soda, and milk into one of the buckets, if water, pour into mop bucket and throw bottles and cans into the bottle figure. Cartons, paper trays, and salad trays are placed into the baskets and will be organized. If you take a spork and don’t use all of the contents, you can throw them in the brown basket. Capri Sun will be placed in a white bin and the straws will be in the recycle bin.

SInce we are all finished talking about the various bins, let’s start to talk about how successful this program has been for the past year. When this first started, people started to join, then more and more people started to join. It has been successful ever since. Let’s continue recycling and taking care of the environment!


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