Richardson Robotics Team Prepares Magruder’s Team for Competition

Richardson Robotics Presentation


By: Sunbo A., staff writerDSC_0078


Here at Magruder we have had an amazing robotics team called the The Magruder Mustangs Team #585, that I am glad to be a part of. This year our robotics team, sponsored by Exxon Mobil, has been accepted to go to the robotics competition in Culver City High School. Our robotics team isn’t really familiar with the competition, so a generous offer was made to us. Richardson’s Robotics Team (The Widgets ) came and told  us all about their personal experience in competition and shared their robot game and presentation.

The Richardson Team was very friendly and honest. They gave our robotics team lots of valuable advice and things we will surely take with us to competition. For the first part of their presentation they showed us their idea. Their project idea was an board game, they taught us how to play, and how it correlates to the theme of the competition, which was “How do we learn?” The board game they created  was an easy and fun way to teach anyone how to learn.

The next presentation was about their robot. They showed us their robot, and told us which missions they were going to accomplish. Their robot was programmed to go to a lego object and perform tasks like, throwing a ball into a goal, picking up objects, and much more. Our team also showed them that we were able to accomplish programming our robot to open a door.

At the end of the presentation our robotics team was able to understand the competition even more, thanks to the Richardson Team.


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