Bully Proofing Assembly

Bully Proofing Assembly

By: James S. and Jenny C., Staff editors


At Magruder, putting bullies out of business is our top priority.  Every year Mrs. Barker organizes presentations on how to deal with bullies and how to promote a positive learning environment for all.  This year we had an informative assembly with former Magruder students, who now attend North High.


The anti-bullying proof assembly was amazing. We got to talk to the HRA members, play some games, and obviously talk about bullying. Some of us went to the Cafeteria while the others got to go to the P.E. teachers’ room. Overall, the assembly was a success and we gave thought to stopping the bullies out there and supporting the victims –  so they know they are not alone.


During the assembly, we learned that there were several reasons why bullies bully us, types of bullying, and how to stop bullying. They bully us due to their self esteem levels, what happens at their home, or just to be more popular. People bully others in physical ways, verbal ways, on the internet, and everything else you can think of.  We could help people who are bullied in several ways. We could take them out of it with distractions, straight up scolding them, the possibilities are endless. During the assembly, we talked about how we got bullied, and did some quizzes. We also got to play some games, learn about the HRA club, and watch some small skits.


We are lucky that the HRA’s  give up their time to teach us how to deal with bullies, because it will help us in the future. Mrs.Barker and the HRA crew did a pretty good job teaching us about bullying. If you have any problems with bullying, get a friend to help, go to a teacher for help, or stop it with your own hands, because bullying shouldn’t happen.

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