Doctor Who – The Doctor Trap Book Review

Doctor Who-The Doctor Trap Book Review

by Asia Arakawa


Sebastiene, an incredibly powerful and a more than a little maniacal ruler of Planet 1 who is physically flawless has everything he could want, but he wants more. He hunts endangered species for sport. So far, he has caught every single species out there. But there is still one more that he wants to catch. The most powerful being of all time: The Time Lord.


Sebastiene has got together with The Society of Endangered Dangerous Species to hunt the Doctor for sport. Sebastine has created a doppelganger to look exactly and in most ways be the Doctor, and his name is Baris. Baris’s job is to steal the TARDIS and lure the Doctor to Planet 1 by stealing Donna Noble, the Doctor’s companion from him. But the Doctor is a lot more cunning than Baris. The Doctor manages to switch places with Baris, which makes everything even more complicated. Now the Doctor has to save Donna, get the TARDIS back, and save Baris. Could the Doctor ever escape Planet 1 alive?


The Doctor Trap is full of action, filled with twists and turns and alters between perplexing and keen. You will love every character in this book and the plot very fast-paced.  At some points, you may find yourself lagging behind. But as you read on, you will begin to catch up and be caught in the flow of the story as you go on. At first, you may not be much interested in the book, but you must read on because it gets a lot more compelling.



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