Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

DSCN2574By: Jordan N. and Haskell M.; staff writer

Red Ribbon Week is this week! This week there will events like Nerd Day, and Pajama Day. This event is to promote a drug free society. Red Ribbon Week is from October 20th to October 24th. On Monday is Nerd Day, Tuesday is Pajama Day, Wednesday is Twin Day, Thursday is Sports Day, and Friday is Crazy Day.  Hope you participate!



Everyday this week, it is a unique day. Nerd Day, people like to wear  glasses and suspenders. On Pajama Day everyone wears pajamas. On Twin Day, you ask someone to dress up the same clothes as you. On Sports Day, people wear their favorite team jersey, sports clothes, and hat. Lastly on Crazy Day, you wear crazy socks, hair, and clothes.















One fun thing about Red Ribbon Week, is, every teacher will have a door poster contest, so remember to participate for this week. Also, most important – don’t do drugs!


End of week Results: Mrs. Davies won the red ribbon door contest!  Ms. Borowski’s Door won second and Mrs. Jaeger’s Door won third! Everyone who dressed up and participated is also a winner!

Mrs. Davies Door is the winner!

Mrs. Davies Door is the winner!











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