Halloween Day at Magruder

Halloween Costume Contest 2014

By: James S., Staff WriterDSC_0003


Did you join the costume contest this year? Just in case you missed out on the fun, This is how it went down…


Everyone lined up in a line to enter the contest, but the wait was worth it. The categories were scariest, funniest, cutest, most original, and twins. It was very close, but only a few people won for each category.




For the funniest costume, we have Antonio L. with, well, it appears an inflatable body. Ha, ha, just the sound of it is funny. ‘Air’ we done here?


For the scariest costume, we have Devon S. who seems to DSC01582have only one part of his face on today. Wasn’t it obvious he was going to win? This story is definitely ‘single-sided’.


For the cutest costume, we have Island V. wearing a tutu. DSCN2692This should count for most original, and cutest, but that’s not how Magruder’s contests work. You can’t just win ‘two, too’.





Finally, for the twins or group contest, the winners were DSCN2675Amber J. and Christina G.,

They dressed as if they stepped out of the book, Alice in Wonderland…. I ‘wonder’ if they will do this again next year.




And finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. The moment of truth. The main course. The open door to creative city. “Just get on with it!” you may be saying. The winner for the most original costume is………………………..

DSCN2676Daylon C! He wears a Riddick costume, which I haven’t seen in 12 years. He went the extra mile by shaving his head!


For the spooky story contest winners, Dustyn C., James S., and David K. won $25 gift cards. The spooky story making

DSC01575contest was apart from the costume contest, but the winners were announced in the costume contest.





Congratulations to everyone who has wore a costume on Halloween.






































































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