Garden Guru Club

Garden Guru

By A. Pelayo and M. Duncan, staff writers


          Do you like to garden? Do you like to get down and dirty with vegetables and plants? Then this might be the club for you. We meet every Friday at lunch in room 11, unless it’s raining or something else happens. Also, we meet on time so you have to find Ms. Borowski and she will give you a front of the lunch line pass. When we meet we usually go to Ms. Borowski’s room and then to the garden.  At the garden we get to pick vegetables, and whatever you pick, you get to take home and keep it, eat it, or do whatever you want with it as long as it doesn’t go to waste.  There’s lots of good stuff like tomatoes, corn, carrots, and a few other things. Just the other week we made zucchini bread! You might think that it tastes nasty because it has a vegetable in it, but it tasted really good.  

Ms. Borowski really wants people to join. The more the merrier, there is no limit.  So if you would like to join, then go see Ms. Borowski in room 11. She would be happy to see you.  Oh, and did I tell you? You should really join because you might be able to taste something you have never tasted before.

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