Veterans Day

Veterans Day

By: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.,Staff Writers



What’s so good about Veterans Day? Students will think “No School!” Off on that day. There’s actually more to Veterans Day than most people think. This holiday may mean more to people that have family that are veterans.

Veterans Day is a holiday that celebrates all of the veterans who have fought for our country and some have passed away. We need to appreciate what they have done for this country. The U.S.president Woodrow Wilson named November 11th as a day to remember the brave soldiers who risked their lives to fight for our country. To celebrate this holiday, many people go to parades with appreciation. Many businesses are closed on this day. Some people stay home to think about the soldiers that sacrificed their lives to protect their people and country.

Not only did the soldiers sacrifice their life these families had to sacrifice their family members. Everyday they worried that their loved ones wouldn’t return home. Part of their life was devoted to worrying about their loved ones and never knowing if the would return home. Imagine being the son of a soldier in the military never knowing if you would ever see your father again. Always having this uneasy feeling about not knowing what is going to happen. Once the soldiers come home their families are so happy to see them, but once they leave they never know if they may see them again.

As you can see being a soldier in the military isn’t easy and so is being part of a family whose members are in the military. We should appreciate how much these soldiers and their families sacrifice. Now that you know a little bit about this holiday maybe you will think about how much these soldiers did for us. Take a little time out of your day just to appreciate these soldiers.




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