The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving

The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving

By: Bryan L. and Tony Z; staff writers

turkey costume boy

Everywhere in Hayville, families were getting ready for Thanksgiving. Although most everyone in Hayville was happy for Thanksgiving, someone was not. A young boy named Billy was not happy. Billy hated Thanksgiving, because every single freakin’ dang year all of his relatives from his mom and dad’s side would come over for Thanksgiving and they would always argue and disturb his peace of mind. On top of that, there were no relatives his age because all of them were much younger than him and all of them annoyed him to no end. Also, his mom wasn’t a great cook and she would always overcook the turkey, so the Thanksgiving dinner would always taste bad. The other reason why is that she will never get a honey-baked ham and her ham always tastes like, sorry to say, salty garbage.

Then, next day, he started to create a map in his secret lab that has his stuffed animals. He was thinking in his mind, “Why do I hate Thanksgiving?”  Well, his relatives were annoying to him and his mom wasn’t a good cook, but that wasn’t enough for him to hate it. But then he remembered, a long time ago, on Thanksgiving he had a dream that the grim reaper was going to come.   In his dream, that next day was Thanksgiving, the grim reaper came and haunted his mind of hatred. He always thought about that only the day of Thanksgiving. But, then an evil idea came to mind. But, it was not just an evil idea, but it was an evil GENIUS idea. It was an evil genius idea that would rid Thanksgiving for everyone in Hayville. Yes, it really was a GENIUS idea.

On the night before Thanksgiving, Billy went through with the plan. He brought a turkey costume that he found at the store and he put it on. He also got an old big wagon from the garage and he attached it to his bike. He put a big brown bag in the wagon, that was empty.

Now, you may ask, “What is Billy planning to do?” Well, he is planning to steal all the turkeys and pumpkin pies from everyone’s house in Hayville. He will then put them in the bag and the food will never be seen again. Everyone will wake up on Thanksgiving and see that their food is gone.Thanksgiving will be ruined for everyone.

Billy knew that it was a fool-proof plan.

The plan went something like this: That night, he would secretly go to all the houses at 1 am in the morning and take all the pumpkin pies and turkeys. He would leave only one slice for everyone in his family, including him.  And so,  he went to every house in Hayville that night and he stole every turkey and pumpkin pie from each house. He got into the house by going through the chimney. Before he knew it, there was only one house left that he needed to steal food from. He climbed through the chimney and he found the turkey and pumpkin pie in the refrigerator. He was about to leave when he heard a girl come out of her room. It was young Kathy Lee, who was no more than three.

“Who are you, “ she said in a squeaky voice. “And why are you stealing our turkey and pumpkin pie.” Now, Billy was a clever kid and he was able to think up a lie and think it up fast.

“Why I am the Thanksgiving Turkey, who provides everyone with fresh turkey and pumpkin pie on the night before Thanksgiving. You see, this turkey is not fresh enough, so I need to take it back to my home, but I will come back with a fresh turkey.” He then sent her to bed and tucked her in, he also provided her with a glass of milk and when she had drifted off to sleep, he stole the turkey and pumpkin pie from Kathy’s home.

He took all the Thanksgiving food in the bag on the wagon and he put the wagon on a hill in a place where nobody would find. He went back to his house feeling confident that Thanksgiving was ruined for everyone and he went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning, to find all his relatives having a good time.

“Hi, sweetie, ‘ his mother said. “We don’t have much turkey this year, but there’s a slice for everyone.”

“But what about the turkey, or the pumpkin pie?” Billy asked. ‘Well, we don’t need that. As long as we have our relatives, right?” his mom said. That’s when Billy realized something. Thanksgiving wasn’t about the food, even if it wasn’t that good. It was about being around family. And although his family members wouldn’t always get along and sometimes annoyed him, he still loved them very much. “I’m not hungry.” Billy said as he ran out of his house.

He then went up the hill and got the wagon filled with Thanksgiving food in the bag. He took the wagon and went into town. he then got a megaphone that he brought from home. He told everyone about all the food and everyone in Hayville gathered around tables at the park and he had a big Thanksgiving feast. And Billy got to cut the turkey first. For today, he realized that Thanksgiving was about being thankful for your family. And from that point on, Billy NEVER hated Thanksgiving ever again.


  The End.

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