Cartoon Wars 2 Review

Cartoon Wars 2 Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer


What is Cartoon Wars 2? It is an App game for phone or tablet, made by Blue GNC where cartoon wars and cartoon wars gunner are combined into one game. There are a few added features like air units and 6 acts that you have to beat in gunner and regular version. At every last level of the act there will be a boss at the end.

In cartoon wars there are base upgrades and specials. The specials shoots missiles or summons a person or warp gate which uses mana from your mana generator. The base upgrades help your base get more range on your bow, faster mana,and better arrow ability. These are the most best thing to upgrade in my opinion.

What is mana? Mana is the top part of the left side that tells you what troop you can summon on the bottom. What are the land troops? There are 10 units for land which are swordsman, spearman, and heavy armed robots which are the first three things that you can get and are recommended.Ground units can also attack air units.

What are the new air units? There are 5 types of troops for air units. The first three units are aircraft fighter, armed aircraft fighter,and armed helicopter. There air units will not come until act 4. They can attack both air and ground.

What are the other modes? There is a hero mode, Santa mode, hell mode, and quick mode. Hero mode is where you are a hero in story mode is where you use a hero and level him up to upgrade his abilities and his weapons. Santa mode is where you summon troops to defeat the enemy and send Santa to deliver presents. You send Santas to his ramp and and send a certain amount of him to win. Hell mode is where you are in a new dimension where the levels are harder and there are bosses on every level . Quick mode is where everything goes by quickly.

I would rate this game a 9.5 because it is addicting in all, but I wish there would be more troops in the game. This game $0.99 and it is worth getting, but don’t spend your money to buy gold and SP.

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