Movie Review: Tangled

Movie Review: Tangled 

By: Abigail Cash, staff writer

            Are you looking for a great movie for your whole family? Well, if you are, then Tangled is a great movie for you! It has action, adventure, romance, comedy, and music wrapped into one great big animation!

            Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) is just about to turn 18, and has never stepped foot outside her tower because ‘Mother’ Gothel (Donna Murphy) forbids her to. When Rapunzel in her mother’s womb, her mother got sick, very sick. There was only one thing that could save her. The Golden Sun Flower. It has the power to keep you young and heal you from any sickness. All you have to do is sing it a song. Mother Gothel has been hiding it for her own use, to keep her alive for centuries. But one day, after she finished using it, the soldiers found it and brought it back to the Queen.

            The Queen took it and it healed her instantly. When Rapunzel was born, she had unusually long hair. Her hair had the power of the flower! When you sang the special song, Rapunzel’s hair glowed. But when you cut it, it turned brown and lost its magic. Mother Gothel found this out on the night she kidnapped Rapunzel.

             Since then, Rapunzel has been trapped in the tower. She is also forced to sing to Mother Gothel whenever she thinks she is getting old. But one day, when Mother Gothel is away on a three day trip, a outlaw named Flynn Rider (Zachery Levi), comes and hides in her tower. Rapunzel asks if he can take her to the city. But she is also torn, because she doesn’t want to disobey Mother Gothel.

            Will Rapunzel leave with Flynn or stay locked up forever? That’s for you to find out when you go see the movie!

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