IPad Mini 2 Review

IPad Mini 2 Review

by:Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D.;

Staff Writers



Want to know more about the IPad mini 2? Well read this and you will know a lot about this cool device from Apple Inc. It has a retina display and comes with an IOS 7 operating system. The apps that comes with it are iBooks, maps, calculator, videos, photos, app store, settings, music, safari browser, camera, facetime, game center, notes, newsstand, and iTunes store.

The iPad mini 2 comes in three colors: black, white, and space grey. What’s the difference between the iPad mini and the iPad mini 2? Well let’s compare the two devices. In the iPad mini 2 is twice the resolution pixels. It’s 2048 by 1536 resolutions. The iPad mini 2 comes with fingerprint- resistant coating. For Wi-Fi it comes with 16GB. The height is 7.87 inches.

Want to take excellent quality videos and great pictures? You can use the iPad mini 2 to take all the pictures and videos. There’s a video chat app that comes with it. It’s called Facetime. On Facetime, you can chat and video chat with families and friends. With the iPad mini 2, you can focus better on the target.

The iPad mini 2 still has the apple logo on the back with the word iPad. It comes with a fingerprint sensor, which you can use to scan your fingerprint to unlock the device without typing in the passcode or password. It has that smooth surface, but if it’s dropped, the screen might crack. So you have to be careful. You can find more information by going on the apple website and while you’re there, there’s some cool accessories that you can get for the iPad mini 2. So you could get the cool, new iPad mini 2 with all the cool apps and accesories!

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