New Way to Pay – Use Your Phone

New Way to Pay Without Credit Cards

By: Joy Matthias, staff writer


Are you tired of people hacking your credit card and always having to get a new one a lot ?  Well no more, because apple has made a new way to pay without credit cards called APPLE PAY!~ Have you ever been to a store and you say to the cashier, “I FORGOT MY WALLET AND IT HAS MY CREDIT CARD!”  Not anymore!

They have created an app thats already on lots of androids, windows Phone, and blackberry devices and works with google wallet, Soft Card,Paypal and other devices.  About 220,000 stores already have NFC devices at their register. People are doing this because they are afraid of being hacked. All you have to do is take out your phone, open it and dial a code. Apple is pretty much the first to make phone payments this popular in the United states.Apple pay is easier,safer and available with every credit card.

Its easier because one touch is so much easier than having to type in your pin for a debit or a credit card and its done by fingerprints. Thats safer because its your fingerprint its yours alone and no one has your exact hand! Apple pay never gives shops your credit card information.It will work with American Express, Master card and visa.It also struck credit card deals with these banks: American express,bank of America, Barclaycard, Capital One, Chase, Citi Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, USAA, U.S.Bank, and Wells Fargo.  So, it’s perfectly safe for you to try.  You have a chance to pay safely, and easily, so why not?

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