iPad Air 2 Review

iPad Air 2 Review

by: Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


ipad-air-2-wifi-priceThe new iPad Air 2 just came out on October 20th, 2014. The iPad Air was previously released. Let’s talk about the cool features and apps that this device comes with.

It’s a bit similar to the first iPad air. The apps are still the same. It comes with the camera, photos, message, Facetime, mail, music, safari, maps, siri, calendar, itunes store, app store, notes, contacts, ibooks, game center, reminders, clock, videos, newsstand, photo booth, podcasts. It also comes with free apps from Apple. The apps are iphotos, pages, numbers, keynote, imovie, garageband, itunes U, find my iphone, find my friends, apple store, trailers, remote. The iPad has the iOS feature like all Apple products, but this device comes with iOS 8. You can upgrade to this feature on any Apple product.

There’s a new feature that is offered on the Apple website. It’s called engraving. You can engrave a message on your iPad and it will be engraved and sent to you. If you want to find out more, you can go on the apple website and see all the information they have. Unlike the iPad air, which comes in two colors: space gray and silver, the iPad air 2 comes in 3 colors:gold, silver, and space gray. It’s very thin and doesn’t weigh very much. It’s 18% thinner than the iPad air and has a retina display like every other iPads. There’s 9.7 inch display for those videos and pictures to take.

The iPad air 2 comes with the fingerprint touch ID like some iPads and iPhones. Instead of typing in your password or passcode, you just put your finger or thumb on the home button/fingerprint scanner and it will automatically be on the homescreen. There’s another cool feature on the iPad: it doesn’t just come with one camera. It comes with two! A camera lens has been redesigned to look even better.multi-core


Wireless networks work even faster with iOS 8 and iPad air 2 combined and there’s cool accessories like cases to protect the device. There’s more information on the apple website, so the iPad air 2 are just in stores!

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