The Christmas I Thought I’d Never Have

The Christmas I Thought I’d Never Have!

  By: A. Bocanegra , Staff Writer


         Thump! Thump! “What?!” answers Melanie.  “It is about to be Christmas Mel what you going to get me?” says little Cynthia, Melanie’s little sister.  “I am going to get you the best present!” says Melanie rubbing her Cynthia’s head. Then Cynthia leaves and Melanie has only thirty minutes to get ready for school. Today is the last day of school before Winter Break.  After everyone is ready to go to school they all go down stairs and they see their dad come in with a big beautiful green tree.  They all stood amazed at how nice the tree was, but then Rose yelled, “We have to go now!” Rose was the second oldest sister and she really wasn’t the type of person that likes Christmas. She was really selfish and was very dark.  It was in science class when one of Rose’s friends asked her what she was going to do for Christmas and Rose said, “Nothing”.  Then, after school, when Cynthia had soccer practice Melanie went to go pick her up early because everyone was going to make a surprise party for Rose on Christmas morning. They were going to make her a surprise party because they want her to not feel left out and they really want her to open up to them this year.  

       “Wake up! Wake up! It is Christmas morning!”exclaimed Elisabeth.  She is one of Melanie’s best friends and was really excited to see Melanie’s face when she found out it was Christmas day, so she woke up at five and drove to Melanie’s house. Everyone said that whenever it is Christmas day and Melanie wakes up she makes a face that someone would pay a million dollars for.  In the other room, down the pink halls of the two story peach house, was Rose’s room. She has been awake for the past few hours getting ready in her room because this afternoon she is going to hang out with a couple of her friends. When Rose walked out of the room with her black leather jacket and her little skirt she was very happy but not because it was Christmas day. She was happy because she will see one of her old time friends today at the party she is going to. Then on her way out Elisabeth asked her if she was happy that it was Christmas and the only thing Rose did was shove her out of her way and on to the dark brown floor. With a hard crash to the ground Elisabeth chipped her tooth and Rose just laughed and walked out of the house.      

            Then Rose left and on the way to the party she was listening to Christmas music and texting every one of her friends “Merry Christmas”.  She was really a girl who liked Christmas but she didn’t open herself up to her family because she was scared that they were going to lose  respect for her because she was normal. So she just opened up to her friends.

             She was really hurt with what happened the last time she opened up to her family at Christmas. Because of  what happened to her,  she started to hate Christmas with her family. It was when she was about ten and everything was going great, when all of a sudden her dad started saying that Santa Claus didn’t exist and that Santa was just a lie to put every little kid’s hopes up for Christmas. Then he picked her up and yelled right at her face Santa is dead! Like every child she loved Santa and those were the last words she wanted to hear, but she did. Then her dad was yelling at her mom, “You are telling these kids a lie, you liar!”  Then he grabbed her by the hair and she was scared and crying. Then Rose left ran out side and ran to the park which was down the street and there were six people outside. She went up to them crying. “What’s wrong little girl?” questioned one of the girls and Rose told them everything. They told her to promise to them and herself that she will never open up to her family and ever since that day she never did.

             Back at the house Melanie and Cynthia were wearing their PJs and waiting around the tree for Rose to come back, but she didn’t. Their mom was starting to get worried because it was already eleven and she left eight hours ago. The tree was all dolled up and so was everyone else.  Meanwhile, Rose was with her friends having a great time enjoying their own Christmas, opening all the colorful presents and celebrating. Then when Rose was going to leave, everyone was telling her not to leave and to stay, but she was heading outside the door when one of the boys at the party grabbed her hand and said, “I may not know what you are going through with your family, but I think this year you should really open up to them, and let them see the beauty in you.”

“Thank you.” said Rose. She left trying to ignore what he had told her but she couldn’t.  It was typed  in her brain and when she got home and saw everything she had to make her decision either to open up to them or not. Before she had come, Melanie and Cynthia were really hoping for her to open up to them. That was their Christmas wish. Rose made the decision she was going to open up to them this Christmas and when she came gliding through that front brown door the words that no one in her family had heard over five years came out of her mouth, “Merry Christmas!”  Everyone jumped and screamed and ran to her and gave her a hug. Then the same guy that told her to open up to her family came in the door and then she found out it was her father, the guy she hadn’t seen since that Christmas. Melanie and Cynthia hugged each other and said “It’s a Christmas miracle!!!” Then everyone was happy, the Christmas tree was brighter than before, and everyone started opening up their presents. After that, everyone left and they all went to their soft beds and fell asleep.

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