The Hour of Code Comes to Magruder

Hour Of Code

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Ever wanted to learn how to code? Now you can during the Hour of Code! It’s a nationwide initiative founded by CSEdWeek (Computer Science Education Week) and to introduce computer programming to students in select districts. The Magruder Tech Club is challenging all students to participate in the Hour of Code, which is happening in our school between December 8 and December 14.  Ms. Fischer andDSC_0191 Ms. Nowak have prepared our school by registering Magruder to do the Hour of Code, and in doing so has prepared us for our future!

How does the Hour of Code work? In your P.E. or elective classes, students will go to the computer lab here at Magruder. Students would then go to a website where you will play games about basic programming. In the website, there are several fun “games” about coding and programming to play, some themed after game franchises such as Angry Birds and Plants v.s. Zombies. There’s even a “Flappy Game” teaching you how to code your own Flappy Bird! For beginners, we recommend doing the top “Write your first Program” to get on track.

The Hour of Code is an event students across the country will participate in, with fun games and blasts of knowledge on the way. Why would anyone want to wait to start? Just go to, the website you’ll go on during the Hour of Code, to begin learning how to code and program!




To learn more, watch this video starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, :


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