Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review

Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review

By: Bryan L.,staff writer


injustice gods among us

What is this game for iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch all about? This game is all about a fighting game where if you tap you do a regular attack. When you swipe, you do a heavy attack. When you first start the game you start off with 3 random bronze characters. You will then go through the the tutorial . On the bottom of the screen the will be three bars. Each bar does certain special that tells you to swipe or to tap with do different special depending on which character you use. When you do a special move some of them will stun them, poison them,burn them,freeze them, or make them bleed. the bleeding,burn, and poison only make them lose health. The stun or freeze effect makes the opponent not able to move for certain amount of time. There is two more effects called power drain and life drain. Power drain makes the opponent lose power and life drain make the opponent lose health and the your characters gain health. Life drain only come from gear cards.

What are the characters? The characters are bronze,silver,or gold characters. The characters are both bad and good guys. Each character has a special ability like start with 2 bars of power and that character is Arkham Origins Batman. The characters also have a different amount of health and attack. The characters can be promoted if you buy the character. All the characters are from D.C. except for the characters from challenges. When they are promoted their attack and health will increase. There is also gear cards that come in 1-4 stars. 4 is the best, but in order to get it you have to upgrade the three star to the max level . That goes for one and two stars to go up by one star. If you want to know if they have evolved than the background will be golden. 3 star gear cards only give special effects to the character that gets that boost.

What can you buy from the shop? At the shop, you can buy characters and packs that cost currency that you get when you win a battle. There are bronze, silver, gold, and special packs that give you characters. The special packs give about 1-3 characters and some packs give you cards that will help your team throughout the whole time you play the game. You cannot sell these cards unless you have more than one of the cards. There are also challenge bundle packs that gives you challenge currency for the challenge. The most expensive packs are challenge booster pack, red son pack, and man of steel pack.Gear cards can be pulled out of the gear pack and it doesn’t give you the evolved form.

Are there challenges? Yes, there are challenges and after you complete it you can get the character. In the challenge you have like two weeks to complete it and you have to have what it says you need in order to start part of the challenge. You have to complete five challenge parts to get the character. After the challenge,you can try to do it again and get a gear card. You can do the challenge up to 3 times.

There is also an adventure mode where there 8 bosses that you have to verse in order to move on to the next part. Then, there is online mod where you verse other people with the same level characters that you have. every time you win you get a few coins and you get battle points which will determine what place you are in. After a certain amount of time you will get rewards like coins and gear cards. There are also 3 missions everyday that can give you battle points and coins.

I would rate this game a 9.5 because it has good graphics and the game is very interesting with the strategies that you can come up with in the game. In the game, I wish the battles that you face with characters that get radiation and regeneration when you can’t get them in the game.Remember it is free!!

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