Shovel Night Review

Shovel Knight Review

By: Anthony Z., staff writer

Shovel knight

You know those classic 8-bit games? Shovel Knight is in the style of these classic 80s games. Shovel Knight is available for 3ds, Wii U, and PC for fifteen bucks. In Shovel Knight, you play as a knight that is armed with a  shovel instead of a  sword. Now, this may seem funny at first, but having a shovel opens up new gameplay options. The story is that, there were once two adventures, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. But one day, when they explore the tower of fate and cursed amulet

brought terrible magic and puts Shovel Knight  to sleep. But, when Shovel Knight awakens, he finds that his beloved shield Knight is gone and the tower of fate is sealed. Shovel knight stops adventuring and goes into a life of solitude because he lost Shield Knight. But without Shovel Knight, the Enchantress seizes the land and assembles an evil team of knights called the Order of no Quarter. consisting of Spector Knight, Propeller Knight, Tinker Knight, Mole Knight, King Knight, Plague Knight, Treasure Knight, and Polar Knight.  But then tower is unsealed and Shovel Knight goes on a epic quest to defeat The Order of No Quarter and the Enchantress.


In Shovel Knight, you can get relics which are found in the Order of no Quarter’s castles from a guy named Chester. Don’t worry, because if you miss out on a relic from Chester, after you’re done with that castle, you can buy that relic from Chester in a basement in the village. All the relics are the phase locket, war horn, dust knuckles, throwing anchor, alchemy coin, fishing rod, mobile gear, propeller dagger, chaos sphere and the troupple chalice. The fishing rod and chaos sphere have to be obtained in a basement in the village from Chester And they troupple chalice has to be brought by a guy in the village and you then go to the troupple pond so you can fill the chalices with abilities from the troupple king himself. There are also armors available in Shovel Knight that have different abilities and shovel upgrades are available too. The most expensive  and shiniest armor in the game cost 500 gold and it doesn’t even do anything but makes you do a flip when you jump. You can also get magic and health upgrades in the village. There are music sheets available in levels,you can then go to the village and give the Bard there the music sheet you have. He will pay you 500 gold for one. He will also play the music from the music sheet for you if you ask.


I really like Shovel Knight. I find the levels creative and the bosses fun. I also find the graphics and colors good,even if it is in an 8-bit style. The music is also good and it sounds retro. I highly recommend this game to anyone, if you own a 3ds, Wii U, or PC. It really is a good game that has a price of fifteen bucks. Shovel Knight is hard, which makes sense because it is supposed to be like a classic 8-bit games and I heard that those games were hard.


Thy Final Score: 9.8/10




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