Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving History


By Staff Writers; Haskell M. and Jordan N.



Have you ever wondered what Thanksgiving was like in the past? Well, Thanksgiving is a national holiday, in which the United States, and Canada celebrate. Other places around the world saw our tradition and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving the way we celebrate it too. Also, we get to see our relatives and get together for a grand feast. We get to say the things that we are all thankful for, like having food on the table. Thanksgiving was created  because of the past.


In 1620 a boat called the Mayflower, left England. The Mayflower carried about 102 people, that sought another land that they could practice their religious beliefs freely. The first Winter was horrible, and very rough. Lots of colonists stayed on the Mayflower, where they got scurvy, and varieties of diseases. Lots of colonists died from the deadly Winter, and only half of the colonists survived. After the brutal Winter the rest of the colonists settled down in March. Later an Abenaki Indian came to greet them. Then after the week passed, Abenaki brought another Indian named Squanto. Squanto taught the pilgrims about illness, how to cultivate corn, malnutrition, and how to extract maple from trees. He also taught them, how to catch fish, and stay away from poisonous plants. Squanto helped the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians, live in harmony. The Wampanoag Indians had a big feast with the pilgrims in celebration of their peace.



Today we continue that tradition, and at the dinner table we say are things that were thankful for. We try to remember what we are thankful for. For example, we have food, drinks, clothes, a family, and a house. The past helps us understand the future.


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