The Thanksgiving Catastrophe

The Thanksgiving Catastrophe

Staff Writer; Jordan N. and Haskell M.

turkey jordan

One day two turkeys named Billy, and Joe were on a farm on a sunny, bright day. They were laying down in the barn when suddenly they heard a loud noise outside. When the turkeys looked out, they saw the humans putting decorations on the roofs. There were lights and ribbons being hung up. Billy looked at their calendar in the barn.  His eyes popped out staring at the one day that the turkeys fear. “What are you looking at?” Joe said. Billy shouted, “It is Thanksgiving today, and we are the only turkeys here on this farm!” “What’s Thanksgiving?” Joe asked in a worried voice. “It is when humans have a celebration. After they get together, they have a feast and we are the first thing on the menu. You don’t know that lots of turkeys have been eaten on this day. I was lucky I haven’t been chosen, yet.” said Billy in a serious voice. Joe was breathing heavily and thinking about all the bad things that could happen. Suddenly, Joe fainted.



Billy then woke Joe back up and said, “We need a plan to escape! We will sneak out tonight before the party starts. We will climb over the fence and run to the streets.” Joe asked,” Even if  we do escape, where are we going to go?” “Don’t worry, I have it all planed. We are heading for this place for turkeys. It isn’t far from here.” “ Fine, we will sneak out of here tonight.” Joe said. Once the sky got dark, the turkeys ran toward the fence. The loud clanging attracted the humans. “Oh no!” “The humans are coming!” Joe said.  “Climb, Climb Joe!” They made it over in just in time. “Who’s there?” the man said holding a flashlight. It was quiet outside except for the crickets outside. There was nothing left, but a part of a clump of feathers left on the fence.web001



The following day, the turkeys were very tired. They had ran the whole night, wondering when they will get to the pen with turkeys. “It is so cold in the mornings,” Joe complained. “That is the least of our problems,” Billy said. What about food and water, we need it for survival. The weather may be harsh, but it won’t kill us. As they were walking, they heard loud gobbles. “We’re here!” Joe said excitedly. The turkeys were very loud with their gobbles. “We are finally here,” Billy said. Just then, the dad was walking up to the turkey trail. He was anxious for those turkeys. Once the human reached the pen,  some of the turkeys ran after the dad and took him away. “It looks like we will be safe with these turkeys around us, don’t you think?” Billy said with a grin.

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