Staying Warm in Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A.:staff writers



When winter comes everyone is excited about new clothes for sweater  season and the holidays.   During this cold season, you can’t go wrong with a sweater and some boots.  We know how it is asking for clothes as Christmas presents , especially in the winter.



This season the most popular colors  are dark blue, beige, and dark green. The most common and best outfits include boots for winter(combat boots), scarves, a nice sweater, jeans, and your own touch of accessories. Some perfect clothes for the winter could be something cute, comfy, and warm. This season layering is a good option. You can stay warm and cute at the same time. Layering is a way of keeping warm at all times. You layer by putting on clothes on clothes without looking like a huge snowman. For example you can wear an undershirt, then an cute muscle tank, then an eyelash sweater, after that you are good to go.  Keeping warm in the winter is  very important and looking cute while your warm is even better.jeans




This outfit is perfect for the cold winter days. This long, tribal print cardigan, goes really well with these high waisted  light brown jeans. The plain black tee goes great with the whole outfit because the pop of color comes with the cardigan. All of these clothing items come from Aeropostale, and they are part of the Bethany Mota collection. You can always add accessories to any outfit. A simple, dainty heart necklace can make any outfit better.


This other outfit is also perfect for winter and matches the modern winter style. You can kind of see that this season matching is a great idea.The pink sweater and beanie go perfect with the pink, blue, and white sweater. Baggy sweaters are very cute this season. When using this outfit you don’t only have to to wear tennis shoes, you could wear a pair of cute high brown boots. The jeans are perfect with this, jeans go with absolutely everything. This outfit is from a well known store called  Aeropostale.












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