“Math Counts” Math Competition Club

DSCN0475Math Counts Club

By: Jordan N. and Carly P., staff writers


DSCN0472Get your Math on! Do you like Math, then you should join Math Counts!  Math is what this is all about.

Math Counts is a program where you can work on math problems with other students who like Math just the same amount as you do, so you aren’t alone. The person that started this program last year was Ms. Johnson. “I welcome any student who would like to join,” Ms. Johnson says, with open enthusiasm and honest sincerity. Ms. Johnson is very pleased to have any student that would like to join. What Math Counts stands for is a Math competition program. In the Math competition, there will be a group of four and a group of six individual members by themselves. This means that only ten members can go to the competition. You can only bring a calculator, but nothing else. In the competition,  you solve lots of Math problems in a certain amount of time and socialize with others.  You can also be yourself and go on a math frenzy.


If you decide to go to Math Counts, you should know that  there is only a little time to join. In addition, Math Counts meets on every Wednesday of the week (except for holidays) in Room 28 (Ms. Johnson), so remember that you have a limited amount of time. While you can, please join our fun program while time lasts if you enjoy Math.

Not only do you get to go on a big competition, you get to learn more Math. What is fun about the club is, solving truly challenging problems, as a group.  It’s thrilling to discover the right answer! In addition, you get a great experience in what you need to learn if you are in 6th or 7th grade. You can get a head start  over the other kids in your class.

Math Counts gives you a packet full of practice problems and a solution sheet, so you can do some sample problems to see what you need to practice at home. This is a great way to improve your Math even more than what you know now! Math Counts has it all.

Well ,What Are You Waiting For, Want To Join? We have everything you need with Math.


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