Winter Dream

Winter Dream

Kim Louise Ramos, staff writer


          It was a normal Christmas Eve in Tennessee. Catherine’s little sister Megan was happily opening her presents, but on the other hand, Catherine was staring glumly out the window. “Hey Cathy!” Megan exclaimed. “Aren’t you going to open your presents?” Then she looked at Megan and made a dull face. But when she saw Megan’s eyes, Catherine crouched down next to her.  “Ugh, fine.” Then Catherine tore the wrapping paper and opened the box.


          Then she saw an odd silver sphere. Her brown hair and emerald-green eyes reflected on the object. “Wow! It’s pretty!” Megan shouted out. “More like, weird.” Catherine replied. Then she went upstairs carrying the object. “Mom! What’s this sphere?!” Catherine yelled. Suddenly, she heard a frantic sound coming from her mother’s room.


          Then she rushed to her mother’s room .When she arrived, she saw her mom looking out the window; silent. “M…mom? A…are you okay?!” When Catherine’s mom turned to her, she shrieked. It was freezing in the bedroom, and there was a crackling sound.  Her mother’s face was turning into ice! When Megan heard Catherine’s shriek, she rushed quickly to the room. “Cathy, what happened?” Then Catherine rushed to Megan and covered her eyes. “Cathy, what’re you doing?” When Megan struggled out, she saw her mom frozen.


          Before Megan could say a word, the silver sphere had a dark blue glow. Right before their eyes, a blizzard of snow had spun around the room. Catherine quickly shielded Megan from the frigid winds. When it stopped, it left the room full of white snow. Megan and Catherine immediately rushed to their mother carefully not slipping on the snow. “Mom…Mom! Wake up!” Suddenly, an earthquake shook the room. “What’shappening?!” Catherine yelled. Then tons of snow fell on the ground and covering both Catherine and Megan.  When they both woke up, they found themselves back in the living room. “What happened?” Catherine groaned. “Where’s mom?!” Then both of them ran upstairs. “Mom, are you okay?!” When their mother turned around, she smiled. “What are you talking about? Go and enjoy the snow.” The sisters just stood staring at each other.  Then Catherine nudged Megan. “Never say a word about this.”



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