Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day

by: Eric Gasparro; staff writer


Cesar Chavez Day, on March 31 is a national holiday, but we presently do not recognize this holiday. There are schools just a mile away celebrating. This man worked for civil rights and labor rights. We are not recognizing this man who is a hero. He did so much for Mexican-Americans and in the end, all farm workers.  We should respect him for one day. People usually celebrate by going to a parade that recognizes his work or by doing some kind of volunteer service for one day.

Cesar Estrada Chavez was a great man.  According to the presidential proclamation, Cesar Chavez was “Raised into the life of a migrant farm worker” and he was “denied the most basic protections, including minimum wages, health care, and access to drinking water. Cesar Chavez devoted his life to correcting these injustices, to reminding us that every job has dignity, every life has value, and everyone — no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from — should have the chance to get ahead.”   He got to work and “…a grape boycott eventually drew 17 million supporters nationwide, forcing growers to accept some of the first farm worker contracts in history.“


His work ethic lives on. “As we push to fix a broken immigration system, protect the right to unionize, advance social justice for young men of color, and build ladders of opportunity for every American to climb, we recall his resilience through setbacks, his refusal to scale back his dreams.”  It is a good idea to celebrate this man’s life and accomplishments because the laws he inspired for farm labor unions has helped many Americans, and more work needs to be done to help the people who harvest our food.

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