Sixth Grade Toy Fair a Great Success

The Toy Fair

Eric G. & James S., Staff Writers


Did you see the quality of the toys? If you don’t know what I am talking about, I must ask you one more question. Did you go to the Toy Fair of ‘15? Just in case you missed out, this is what happened….

At about 6:00, everyone was just on their way. It was very dark tf2outside, so if you were the one to come at 5:30, you got to see every toy, before anyone was there. Then it was about around 6:10  when ¾  of the people were in the auditorium. It was getting packed in there with all the families. If you are claustrophobic, this may not have been a very pleasant hour for your day. Most of the families were very ambitious to see what the other students created, probably tf3because they are tired of seeing the same propaganda constantly on television. It took months to do the project, I have heard. “They need, like five ads, and three brochures.” says Eric G., as he is looking at the amount of space one toy takes up. Obviously, Eric is being sarcastic about it, but he raises tf4a good point. making toys are hard work. Around 6:30, we all rush over to the snack area. “How much for the…,”

tf5“Free,”I interrupt. By the way, I forgot what the term ‘fair share’ means because not very many people used this term as people were inhaling everything. At about 6:45, we were back to looking at all the toys. what imagination Eric G. had with the game, Pick Meme™. And who could forget about Haskell M.’s resourceful way of using paper, and turning it into a scientific excitement generating device known as a toy. Some one here is GENIUS! Then at about 8:47, names of winner from tf6drawings were called. You could’ve won a seven-eleven gift card, a Starbucks gift card, and much more. who doesn’t want to get a peppermint mocha in the morning? A few people that won where Erin L., Jordan B., and Jacob N. Congratulations to them and the other 16 winners. Spend your money wisely. “Keep it secret, keep it safe.” And that, is how it all went down.  tf7






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