Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference

By: Angelena Duarte, Staff Writer

          On November 15th, the Service Club, led by Mrs. Smith, attended the annual Leadership Conference for Torrance middle schools. The Leadership conferences have been held for about 17 years, to show young people what student leaders are doing in other schools.  This year it was all about volunteering.

It all started with speeches from different people, such as a former governor. The speeches were to inspire young people like us to volunteer and make a difference in our community. After that, everyone split up into classes to hear about how leaders in different schools gave of their time and talents to accomplish something positive. An example of one class is the California Junior Scholarship Federation, where kids could be awarded money for college for participating.

Lunch was served and was delicious.  Before lunch ended all the kids went to different booths and got free flyers and gifts.  One important booth was about El Camino College and how kids could get a good start in their college education by going to this excellent school. When that was over Casmir and Magruder students got to learn a little about North High.


The students from Magruder’s Service Club really enjoyed the message, and are trying to be positive role models for the rest of us by helping the community through service to others.

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