Winter Olympic Sports

Winter Olympic Sports

By: Jordan N., staff writer


Lights, cameras, action! Americans love to watch the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics happen every four years. The most recent was in Sochi, Russia earlier this year, in February, 2014. During the Winter Olympics there are people from all over the world playing many sporting events that are difficult. There are medals for winning these events like gold, silver, and bronze, gold being the highest. Some of these sports are ice hockey, snowboarding, and skiing.. What’s different about winter than summer is in the winter, the contestants play on snow and ice instead of on track and field. These sports in the Winter Olympics take a long time to learn and to get good at.

Errrrrrrn! The team just scored a goal in ice hockey! The crowd goes wild. Ice Hockey takes a lot of speed and skill. Skaters have hockey sticks to try to hit a rubber puck in a goal. It may seem easy, but it’s not. Skaters are very intense and could hurt other people. Also, there is a goalie that has tough armor, so it covers most of the goal. Lastly, you need to know how to skate. It takes a lot of practice. It also takes teamwork, good communication, and strategy to win.


Wow! The snowboarder goes down the hill very fast. Snow brushes behind the contestant. Will this get any better? Snowboarding is a very popular winter sport. It takes lots of skill and balance. Snowboarders slide down a steep hill on a board. There are many styles of competition in the Winter Olympics like Half Pipe, parallel slalom, slope-style, and Snowboard Cross. Snowboarding is fun because you go down a hill very fast, feeling the breeze in the air, and if you are brave “catch air jumping.”

os3    Lastly, skiing is a fun sport. It is kind of like snow boarding. You get to go down a hill while riding on two boards attached to your feet. Skiers have to slide down the steep hill shifting weight to go faster. They use their two poles as guides, or for balance. Skiers use their weight to move left and right. What makes it so fun is you go fast down the mountain, feel the breeze, turning left and right, and if you’re good, catch some air on the jumps.

You want to taste freedom? Then try out one of these winter sports! If you start now, who knows, maybe you could compete in the Winter Olympics some day!

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