Santa Poem

The Season Of The MALL Santa

By Dustyn C., staff writer


Christmas time’s upon us,

with children filled with glee,

and parents spending money,

on cheap games for the Wii.


Though gift prices are quickly rising,

and kids are quickly getting a cold,

The time with family is important,

and that’s what makes Christmas a time to behold.


Everyone loves family time!

I don’t think it could get you to sob.

Unless you suffer in Christmas each year,

which happens, sadly, to a guy named Bob.


He has a duty in the mall every year,

that causes him to go insane!

Bob has to pose as Santa in winter

but how is that ever a pain?


Bob hates attention from little kids,

and feeding candy canes to those monsters and such,

but he really needs money to live in his house

which is in shambles, so it shouldn’t be much.


Family and friends won’t even help

the poor grown man from being assaulted.

He has manage little, vicious kids,

and for that he is usually insulted.

However, today’s the day he finally quits,

to get a job at that fun yogurt store,

but the kids are lining up a few hours early,

so he has to wait a few hours more.


The first kid up was mean, short, and chubby,

wearing a shirt that was pretty lame.

For Christmas, he asked for something absurd

for the existence of the illegal guns in his game.


“Santa” explained that he can’t make that wish,

as it will cost him more than some time in jail,

but of course, the kid kicked him in ultimate rage,

unaware that he was actually a little bit frail.


The second kid up was depressed all around,

wearing all black and jeans way too tight!

He asked for the love of his family and friends,

and to get a good education, starting tonight.


“Santa” shed a tear after hearing the boy’s wish,

recognizing how his statements were sincere and bold,

but he couldn’t make that wish, which is obvious,

so he said that his wish was something he can’t hold.


That kid started crying, flowing with tears,

as if he was blinded by the juice of a lime.

He was so angry that he pulled “Santa’s” beard!

Luckily, the security came just in time.


“Santa” sighed in ultimate relief,

as if he heard the end of a repetitive fad,

but then he thought, seconds after,

about how he felt a little bit bad.


So as the day went on with no end in sight,

with greedy kids shouting about their wish list,

“Santa” still thought about that sad boy,

and the depictions of children were gone in the mist.


He wanted to give something to the sad kid,

but he didn’t know what he could possibly give.

He couldn’t give the boy love or knowledge,

but maybe a textbook or money to live.


That’s what “Santa” did after his painful shift,

but he didn’t have the money to spend on the kid.

Instead, in the night, “Santa” broke in the mall,

at the risk of being arrested.


So “Santa” went to a bookstore in the mall

to steal some books like an oblivious bum,

unaware of the cameras watching him,

until hours later, making him feel really dumb.


“Santa” walked out the store through a window he broke,

in order to get into the bookstore.

However, in the time when the clock struck twelve,

there were three police cars, or maybe even four!


Bob took his suit off as fast he could,

and ran to hide in a nearby tree.

Unfortunately, the cops saw him change,

so Bob had to go with a unthought plan B.


Bob just ran to the post office fast,

wearing only a white shirt and very loose pants.

Running through red lights without being hurt,

along to the melodic and kind Christmas chants.


Bob was almost at the postal office,

tired yet determined in gift giving nonetheless.

Sadly, he realized that he didn’t know his address,

making breaking into the mall pointless.


He surrendered to the police without a struggle,

and reached for the bright yet dark night sky.

Bob was sad that he wasn’t successful,

but he knew that he deserved what bad things lie.


Bob’s behind bars now for three whole months,

bored, hungry, but mostly sad.

Not only would he miss out on Christmas Day,

but he won’t be able to see that sad kid glad.


That’s when Bob was called for the phone.

He never knew about the phone at all!

Bob got the jail phone anyways,

awaiting the oddly, mysterious call.


It was from the sad kid!

He was happy as can be.

The kid heard about Bob,

from the news on TV.


The boy explained that didn’t get the books,

nor any money to spare in his pocket.

However, he said that it was the thought that counted,

and he was really fine with it.

The boy hung up on the call,

and the cellmates overheard

about the conversation Bob had,

but just not word for word.


They all comforted Bob

about his situation.

The cellmates made Bob feel

loved by a large nation.


After calling the sad boy and responses from others,

Bob thought to himself that his deed was alright.

With one day out of three months gone but not forgotten,

Bob felt that those months would feel like just one night.


So that ends Bob’s story,

he was happy in the end.

Not all Christmas’ have to be white,

but just about the merry times you spend.


I know that I already said that,

but that morale is very true!

especially with family is involved,

and the love from them to you.


The End!

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