Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations Club

by: Carly P and Lylianna L, staff writers


Want to socialize, debate, and learn about countries? Well, the Model UN Club is your cup of tea.

Model UN is a club hosted by YMCA Youth Government. Run by Mr. Burgner, this program meets on every other Monday at lunch in room 31. This program started in 2001 where middle school students participate with their peers in discussions about world events. At Model UN students are given the opportunity to talk about international issues, discover other cultures, develop life- enhancing skills, and meet new friends. During this four month program our main topics of discussion and debate will be international issues, including disputes between countries, peacekeeping efforts, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease, and poverty.

In addition, while at Model UN you have the opportunity to meet with the whole state of California’s Model UN. The first meet-up is in late March at a national Base at Paso Robles. This meet-up at the end of the year is statewide MUN is a unique learning experience. The final meet-up for this year is held at LAX Sheraton California for a Model United Nations summit. So you might ask what do you do during the meet-up? The Summit  is when we understand how the world works and how the people can help solve problems, use leadership skills, and do public speaking.  This also comes with getting to know the staff, role training, and a chance to meet program participants from others across the state.

So, care to join this once in a lifetime experience? We welcome you with open arms!  You will have an opportunity to learn all about the world and how we, as students, can help.

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