Sydney Stephens, L.A. Police Cadet

Sydney Stephens

By: Amber J., staff writer

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Sydney Stephens. The quiet and shy girl in the back of your classroom. But outside of school life its a different story. Ever since her older sister found a flyer in her school’s office, Sydney’s life changed. She joined a program for the LAPD Cadets. The hardest part about being in the program was staying in a classroom for half a day, she says. It’s like an extra day of school. At first, she didn’t want to join, but her older sister made her. Thankfully, she went and surprisingly really liked it. She had some tough times and wanted to drop out when she first started but she passed those milestones and stuck with it. She had to get up at 5:00 am every Saturday to be at her post by 6:00 am. Wow! She learned many things while in this program, such as leadership skills, ethical decision making and communication skills. She got to know many officers and hung out with them, making this her favorite memory from being in the program. Evenphoto 3 (6) though it took a lot of time and effort, this program didn’t take away from her social life. Out of a 1 to 10 scale, she rated it a 10 because it teaches a lot about skills that you will need throughout your life.

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