GATE Monthly Activity: Strategy

Gate Monthly Activity: Strategy

By Eric G. and Jordan N., Staff writersDSCN3047



Do you like strategy games? Are you the kind of person that likes a challenge? Then you should join the Gate Monthly Activities. “The after school Gate activities provide an additional opportunity for students to dig deeper into a topic, and at a higher level,” said Mrs. Jaeger.

“Our first Gate activity centered around lasers. In the future we plan to include diverse topics, such as robotics, geography,and even drama.” said Mrs. Jaeger. Last month’s activity was before winter break in December. The activity was about strategy games. Mrs. Jaeger decided to run this program because she felt that the kids need an opportunity to dig deeper and explore- which we don’t always have time to do in the classroom.DSCN3052

“We discussed strategy and how playing strategic games could help you transfer these skills to life situations,” Mrs.Jaeger says in a cheerful and enthusiastic tone. Last month’s activity had about forty five kids, but we still need more kids to join. Lastly, this program, GATE Activities,  has been offered as an opportunity after school for about eight years, but we took a two year break and started again this year. Please join the Gate activities. It is a privilege to have this at Magruder. It will bring forth your inner strength to take on the challenge.DSCN3059DSCN3062

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