Environmental Science Class Goes to L.A. County Landfill

The Environmental Science Field Trip

By: Joy M., Staff writer

DSCN0646             Did you know that plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures a year? In Los Angeles County we throw away 65,000 tons of trash every day! That’s enough trash to fill Dodgers Stadium every 11 days! With a population of about 10 million people that means each person creates 13 pounds of trash everyday!


The environmental science class helps to make this school trash free! The environmental science class makes creative recyclable art, they have presentations, and small group teaching about issues “off-citing water”, droughts, and land. Ms. Borowski is the teacher of this class and she hopes that the students see where their trash goes after this trip. Ms. Borowski was excited to go on this field trip so students can see what happens to all the trash. She said the land is just a mountain of trash and has many layers to it.


Recently the environmental science class has had a field trip to Puente Hills, Materials Recovery Facility, a closed landfill. They went to the landfill, saw where the trash went, they went on top and saw a view of the city.


The students liked observing the people sort the trash.  One of the students said that they learned   “Landfills are not as gross as dumps.” Another student said,”We took sticks, leaves, and fancy packets. Another student said that they would go again if they had a chance.  “The landfill definitely yes, but the park not so much.” One said  “The  landfill is fancier than it sounded.” One other said “That many people think that the landfills are all gross, but they are actually pretty neat!”   Amber Martin from Mrs.Borowski’s 5th period class said,  “This was probably the best field trip I’ve ever gone on. I would so go again!” She also said,  “Learning about where our trash goes is exciting, I would want to go again.”

DSCN0625They saw Methane gas pipes, and boilers for the bad quality gas. So basically Mrs. Borowski is passionate to show the student body where our trash goes and wants us to Conserve, reduce, and reuse as much as we can, so less trash will come to the landfill.  That is my opinion on what she tries to teach her class and our school, and she tries to encourage them as much as she can.


So, I think that we should keep our environment safe, clean, andDSC04762 well taken care of.  We should try our hardest to recycle, reuse, rotate, and rot(compost)! When the ocean or water is polluted we will drink polluted water and creatures in oceans will die! Therefore the best thing to do is to be trash free and try your hardest to recycle and keep our planet as clean as you possibly can!

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