PTSA’s Amazing Winter Dance

Winter Dance

By: Jenny C. and Joy M. , Staff Writers


“ That was an awesome dance! I wish more of them were here.” exclaimed Daelyn A. There was the sound of music playing in the background. The sight of drinks spread around everywhere, and people having fun, singing and dancing. The lighting, the colorful snowflakes and snowmen on the walls.  The smell of sweat, due to the dancing of course. That’s the image of the Winter Dance. All of the students had smiles on their faces that you just couldn’t wipe off, even when the world’s most powerful remover.


For 2 hours, right after school, popular music was pumping out of the speakers, with the best music guy around- D.J. Ozzie! Students were in their fancy, or not, clothes, socializing, having fun, dancing, or just listening to the music!

Admission to the dance was free for PTSA members, while others paid $10 for admission and the PTSA membership. Students also get a raffle ticket for the gift card raffle. There were plenty of free snacks and refreshments, at least for a solid ten minutes, before we ran straight out of them. Believe us when we say this, whenever you go to the Winter Dance, grab your snacks as fast as you can, because before you know it, all the food will disappear.






DSC_0129Music such as “Lips Are Moving” and “I’m Not the Only One” was played. There was a raffle drawing for gift cards such as Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes. Sadly though, the fun had to end at 5, but everyone will be looking forward to the next Winter Dance, that’s for sure!





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