The History Bee 2015

Our First Epic History Bee


By: Bryan L. and Tony Z., staff writers DSCN3247

This is the 2015 Epic Rap Battles…. uh I mean the History Bee! Everyone who scored well on the history test taken in social studies class got to go to the History Bee to compete, and possibly get their name on the Magruder plaque in the office.

This History Bee is different from last year’s Geo Bee. The questions aren’t multiple choice, so you have to give a direct answer to the question. If everyone gets it wrong, everyone still stays in the game. There were 30 people in the History Bee, but of course in the end there could only be one winner. In the History Bee, the first few questions were on whiteboards. DSCN3278 In the second round, students were given questions for only themselves.

There were kids in grades 6-8 answering these questions. Mr. Burgner was the one who was asking all the questions, while Ms. Smith and Ms. Yung were tallying up the scores. Some questions seemed easy and some questions seemed hard. It can be fun to watch when you are rooting for someone to win. Also everyone in the competition were good sports about it. There were many good moments in the History Bee, like when people barely got the answers right or barely missed them.


This year, the History Bee was fun to watch.  DSCN3235 But, in the end, there could only be one winner of the history bee who gets their name on the Magruder plaque. That winner is Joel D. and second place is Eric F. Some of the questions were “Whose face is on the ten dollar bill?”, “What religion were the first Pilgrims who went to Ohio?”, and “ Britain fought what Asian country?” All in all, the History Bee was good this year and the winner was Joel D. Until next year, History Bee!










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