PTSA Cookie Dough February Fundraiser

PTSA Fundraiser

Staff writer: Jordan N. and Sunbo A.


       You might wonder why hasn’t Magruder had any field trips lately? Well, the reason is because we did not meet the goals of our Fall Fundraiser. The first major fundraiser, which PTSA counts on for the majority of money for the student body, did not make the goal of $25,000. We, as a school, need to participate in our fundraisers and try our best to sell so that we can have great programs. Think of it, as kids we want field trips and fun activities. Hard work always pays off. Our next fundraiser will be next Thursday. We will have cookie dough as sales items, and much more. The PTSA Committee has put cookieDSCN2850 dough back in the market because it makes great sales. In our Fall fundraiser, we replaced cookie dough with gift items, but it turns out that we didn’t have a big success. We need to make $8,000 to pay for field trips, plus $2,500 for the 8th grade gowns.


During our Fall fundraiser we made $15,000., but our goal was $25,000. total. During this February fundraiser we need to sell, sell, sell. Everyone has approximately 2 weeks sell as much as they can. With the cookie dough there are a few pick up times and locations. The cookie dough will be delivered March 19th, and should be picked up by parents or kids after school. If you don’t pick it up within three hours, it will thaw out and it won’t be good anymore. Other gifts will also be available at the pick up sites.


Our fundraisers will help out with some upcoming events like field trips, dances, the move-a-thon , Magruder Madness Day, 8th grade events, and much more. This fundraiser will help us get all of these things and even more, so I advise all of us as one big team to come up with the money to improve our school. All you have to do if you don’t want to go all out is sell 8 items just to improve your school. Lastly, if we don’t get at least $8,000, all three grades won’t go to the LACMA field trips.

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