Garden Guru Club

Garden Guru

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


“ It gets me outside, connects students with environment, and creates veggies”. These are the words of Ms. Borowski, the sponsor of one of Magruder’s best loved clubs- garden guru. This club has been around for some time, and to think it was all started by one amazing person, Mrs.Owens, who is retired but still subs here regularly.  She built this magnificent club with the help of a lot of other other people, especially Farmer Fred. Later on this club was passed on to a well known teacher at Magruder, Ms.Borowski.  This club is great for kids because it helps get them involved with the environment and it helps get active. This garden is located in Columbia Park, in the community garden.

There are lots of benefits with this club that can transform you and your friends into gg6healthy eaters and great gardeners.  In this club they use lots of great safe equipment.  For example; shovels, hand tools, garden axes,gloves,and much more.  When using these tools they are supervised for their own safety.  They use absolutely no pesticides, so it is a fit and healthy garden and the vegetables are safe to eat.   Most fruits and veggies from the garden are shared equally and taken home.

So far this year they have had about 15 people join.  One of those 15 participants was a young girl named Rebecca .  She is very involved and obligated to this garden and club. gg7 When she got started, she enjoyed it and thought that it was fun and took a lot of commitment, so she joined. Her inspiration was a friend that led her to such a great club.What they mainly do is plant, harvest, and weed, the basics of gardening. The harvest this year went well. They have a variety of food like: lettuce, kale, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, and more.  Some advice Rebecca gave was, “to be willing to work”.

This club is advertised every Friday, so you should definitely join and push yourself into coming to this club.  Get closer to nature – the main source of our lives.


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