Jr. Human Relations Ambassadors

 Jr. Human Relations Ambassadors

by: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

DSCN3427What is Jr. HRA? Jr. HRA is an organization filled with students who sign up to become leaders for the school. Ms. Barker is in charge of the HRA club. Jr. HRA has meetings every other Mondays. Students in HRA are first trained by Ms. Barker. Jr. HRA has been helping with OBS (Operation Back to School), Renaissance programs, Back to School Night, Winter Dances, and Open House.

There are lots of people in Jr. HRA and they do their best to help with events and participate in them. The motto for Jr. HRA is “Students Helping Students Succeed” You might see some students wear a blue shirt that says that on campus. Jr. HRA students are trained to make sure the school campus is in working order and are allowed to tell Ms. Barker about new things they wantDSCN3424 or change for the school campus.” Jr. HRA is a great opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to help the school. “It’s really fun to see how happy a person can be when you help them out”- Carly P. “ Jr. HRA is doing their best to put up the winter dance.”- Hong-Tran.

Jr. HRA is currently helping with SOMA. Some Jr. HRA students will be seen on the stage reading the names of the students and teachers for this month. Every end of the quarter, there’s a renaissance event called the iPod cafe. The iPod cafe is a place where you can bring your devices like phones and tablets. You can eat lunch in there, get rewards, and hang out with friends. Inside the iPod cafe, you might see HRA DSCN3429students helping with the rewards. Some of the rewards you might receive is candy and pencils. During the winter you may redeem your rewards for hot chocolate, and during the summer you may want to redeem your rewards for something cold like an otter pop.

So, Jr. HRA is doing their best to keep up these fun events and making sure the campus is in working order. “The point of Jr. HRA is that we try to help students make goals in the future”- Carly P. As you can see the Jr. HRA staff works hard to give back to the student body. You may see them arranging some fun events. For example, the winter dance and the renaissance program. It’s all thanks to Ms. Barker who plans all of these fun events!



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