The Winter Dance of ’15

The Winter Dance

By. James S. & Haskell M.;Staff Writers


DSC_0020 Friday night at about 3:00, on January 23rd, was the greatest moments of our lives. If you missed out on the Winter Dance or just want to re-live the moments, don’t stop reading this.

At about 3:00, only a few people were in the building. All the snacks were set out neatly. You could smell the sour punches and chips. DSC_0039 It was as if the snacks were calling out, “I want to be enjoyed…” Snowflakes and snowmen lights were projected on the walls. There were a whole bunch of balloons all over the ground waiting to be mangled by us. And they were.

At about 3:15, people were arriving and the place was ½ full. Balloons started flying DSC_0022relentlessly around us. people were drinking Pepsi and other carbonated drinks. People were eating chips. The bass was so good, I could feel it on my chip bag. People were inconveniently placing their soda cans and water bottles every spot they seem familiar with.

At about 3:25 or so, the suggestion paper DSC_0030opened up to the public, and mostly girls wrote suggestions. If ya ask me, mostly songs girls like where played. There were some boy songs to, just in case you were wondering. Most of the snacks were gone at this point because about ¾’s of the people were in the cafeteria. In my opinion, DJ Ozzie only played songs in the Pop genre. Now I like Pop and all, but it kind of gets old DSC_0068after a while.

At about 3:45, DJ Ozzie was raffling off gift cards. A few people that won were James S., Daylon C., and Yaire Z. You could have won a $10 Amazon gift card, a $5 Starbucks gift card, and much more.

At about 4:00, more people won, and in my DSC_0080opinion, this was the time when the better and lesser known music was played. At this time, the snacks were running low, and a few people started to leave.

At around 4:30, people were getting tired and leaving. Too bad they had to miss out on all the fun. more names were called, and more people got prizes. only ½ of the people DSC_0067were still in the building. the party started to die down, but the music kept going. Pretty soon the party will come to an end.

At around 4:45, the only people that were left where the people who still had stuff in their lockers they need to take home. However some of us were still here no matter what. DJ Ozzie was playing slower tempo songs around this time, coincidentally or purposely.

At around 5:00, the party came to an end, and we all went home. The music got stuck in our heads so when we got home, we could still DSC_0115hear the music.

Well, that was how it all went down. Next year, hopefully we can have another one.


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