Before Spring…

Before Spring

Lylianna L.; Staff writer

amazing-photography-winter-1Before spring there is winter. People take winter for granted because it’s frigid temperatures and dark skies, but it can be beautiful.

Winter isn’t bad,  it’s transition. Winter is between the times of autumn, the harvest, and spring, the time of new life. Winter is the time of rejuvenation, when the animals rest and the flowers wither and fade only to sprout again months later more vibrant and with a stronger fragrance.

Winter is that refreshing breath of cold air that chills all the way down to your lungs.

Winter is snow and wishes. Winter is the end of a long year of goals that need to be reached dreams that need to be fulfilled.

Winter is original. Winter is unlike any other thing I have ever known. It creates beautiful works of art in nature.

Winter is for those who like the cold and the feeling of having a hot cup of tea in their hands while watching the sun rise. Winter is what you make of it and it is the most important season there is. Winter is not for the faint of heart. It is the time of year for the dreamers, the ones that know that there is something more, just out of their reach.

Winter is for those who haven’t given up that dream of something more, something better. They are optimistic. They are so energetic and very inspiring. They know what they want to be. They know who they are. They are the best version of themselves.

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