The History Bee

The History Bee

By : Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff writers


It was a very nerveracking time, but it was also very exciting and fun.” ~ Alyssa M. The buzz in the air, markers writing the important answer that could let them win, the cheering in the crowd. The History Bee was something that no one can forget,not the participants, not even the crowd. There were 30 competitors, 10 from each grade. The Best of the Best was there, but there could only be one winner.


The Participants

6th Grade :           DSC_0850

Caden S.

Judel An.

Zach S.

Timothy B.

Kyle C.

Salaidh P.

Joelle J.       DSC_0842

Jiro C.

Vincent M.

Eric G.


7th Grade :     DSC_0862

Jason J.

Annie C.

Htet T.

Alyssa M.

Carly P.

Etenesh A.    DSC_0838

Benjamin I.

Veronica G.

Daelyn A.

Kirby N.


8th Grade :    DSC_0837

Nick K.

Kevin O.

Sean M.

Joel D.

Jake H.DSC_0871

Eric F.

Dinh D.

Eric H.

Jenna F.

Max M.


Round 1 : the Whiteboard Round

“ The History Bee was a fun experience in which I will never experience ever again.” ~ Carly Phu. Round One, aka, the Whiteboard Round, was a killer. Many of the participants were knocked out of the History Bee because of it. Questions like “ Who’s face is on the ten dollar bill?” was asked in the Whiteboard Round. The top 10 participants that made it to the semi-finales were Daelyn A., Carly P., Annie C., Jason J., Etenesh A., Eric F., Kevin O., Joel D., Nick K., and Htet T.


Round 2 : Semi-Finales, Spelling Bee Style

It was a very intense battle, but also very fun and I enjoyed it.” ~ Eric G. Round Two, or the Semi-Finales, was different from the Whiteboard Round. It was Spelling-Bee style, or when each contestant was called up and had to answer a question orally. Questions like “ What music was played in the 1920’s by Louis Armstrong?” were asked.  Many people lost to the wrath of the questions, but 4 of them made it. They were Joel D., Nick K., Eric F., and Htet T.


Round 3 : Final Round, Spelling Bee Style

“ There was a time where I was disappointed, but besides that, it was very fun and a great challenge.” ~ Annie C. The final round, the round where the 4 finalists will hope to win this year’s History Bee, a very important time for them. At the end, Joel D. won the History Bee, and the overall name of “ the History Bee Champion.” Eric F. was the smart and lucky student who placed himself as the 2nd place winner.


The History Bee was a competition fit for the best history geniuses out there. Of course, only one person could be the champion, and that person was Joel D., eighth grader, with Eric F., eighth grader, as the runner up.  Congratulations to not just them, but to all the participants of the History Bee. Do you have what it takes to win the History Bee?


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