The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review

by:Tony Z; staff writer

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

Warning! This Review spoils the first 10 minutes of this movie!


After seeing the second Hobbit movie in the Hobbit movie trilogy, I was excited to see the next movie, which would be the final movie in the trilogy. This mostly was why I was excited to see it because of the fact the movie was left off at a cliffhanger with the dragon, Smaug. But in the new movie he is only in for 10 MINUTES in the beginning of the movie. This sucks because the dragon Smaug was one of the main reasons why I wanted to see this movie, but now that you’ve heard this incredibly long backstory, let’s get on with the actual movie review.

This movie starts right where the other movie left off, which was The Desolation of Smaug. As you recall in the last movie, Smaug was going to the village Laketown to attack it, so that’s where this movie starts. He burns down some buildings, people run away, but he is eventually killed by Bard with an arrow that goes through the one part in Smaug’s chest that isn’t covered with a scale. This is only 10 MINUTES into the movie and Smaug is already dead, that’s a bit of a disappointment for me. In the meantime, Bilbo and the elves have all the treasure in the Lonely Mountain, but then Bard who is now assumed as the leader of Laketown comes with the Elf king to ask for treasure that rightfully belongs to them.

Things escalate as Thorin tells them both no, because in this movie it shows how Thorin changed.  He assumed himself now as the king of the dwarfs and has grown very selfish, which is why he doesn’t want to give any treasure to the Elves or the Laketown people. Eventually a great war commences of five armies, made of up of Bilbo and the Dwarfs, the Elves, the Laketown people, the Orcs, and the Durin people because Thorin wants to stop the Elves and the Laketown people from taking the Lonely Mountain treasure from him AND the Orc king wants to kill Thorin so he joins the battle AND Thorin’s cousin Dain joins the battle for a reason that I’m not even sure of(I think it had something to do with him not liking orcs). I feel like this character was also crammed into the movie at the last second. So, basically the story of this movie is that Bilbo and all the other dwarfs must fight a huge battle against four armies to stop The Lonely Mountain from falling into darkness. Hence the name “The Battle of the Five Armies.”

The story is okay for me, but doesn’t follow the book very much, but you should be okay of that by now because the trilogy doesn’t follow the book very well. Honestly,I feel that they crammed this story in to make this movie as long as the other movies.

The action in this movie pretty good and the CGI is good too. This is a big budget movie and although some big budget movies have bad CGI, I can assure you, the CGI is good for this movie. I can also say the acting is good too. Martin Freeman seems just how I would imagine Blibo to be. Someone who started as a coward(which is how he was in the first movie), but became very courageous(which is how he is in this movie). Also, Ian Mckellen does a great job as Gandalf.

So, is The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies a good movie? Well, it is. It has good acting, good action, and good CGI. The only thing that I think holds this movie back is the story. I feel like they kind of crammed it in for the last movie to make it as long as the other movies, some characters also seemed crammed into the movie too(cough, cough Dain). Not to mention, the story isn’t as good as the other movies which is why this movie is an 8.5/10. Honestly, out of all three movies in the trilogy, the second one is my favorite, which is The Desolation of Smaug, but I do recommend this movie to anyone who saw the last three movies, because trust me, this movie is worth your time. The release date for the DVD is March 2015.


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