Dumb Ways to Die 2 Review

Dumb Ways to Die 2 Review

By: Bryan L.; staff writer



What is Dumb ways to Die 2? It is the second game by Metro and is based off olympic and regular sports. There are 5 places you can go to, but Adrenaland is construction based on extreme sports. The other areas are called Freezerville, The Dumbest of the Dumb, Dumb Dome,and Drown Town.This game is for people 10 and up. Warning! This game does have blood if you lose a life that is why you must be 10 and up!!!

In this game, you always start with 3 lives and you want to try your best to get the most points and see how well you did in the world.

In Freezerville, all the challenges are related to a winter olympic sport except for don’t lick the pole, yeti grooming, and swipe/tap to close all the doors and windows. Every game you do it will tell you what you are supposed to do.Every time you complete a certain amount of games, the time and speed will go faster. It is the higher the points, the higher the speed. My favorite game in Freezerville is Don’t Lick the Pole because you just have to leave your screen alone and it is the most simplest game there.

In Dumb Dome, it is based on olympic sports based on athleticism. The funniest game is the baton relay because you give T.N.T and you just watch him blow up. One game that isn’t based on athleticism is where you try to tie someone’s shoe. My favorite game in Dumb Dome is the lightning pole vault because you have to swipe up on the yellow area unless you want to get struck by lightning.

In Drown Town, the sports are based on swimming and what you should do to follow pool and ocean policies. The games there are strange, but very fun. The games that are the best are the 100m piranha freestyle and shark jumping because they have a funny ending when you lose. The hardest game there is Dolphin Rodeo because you have to balance by tilting to stay on the dolphin.

In Dumbest of the Dumb, you are tested to see how many points you can score get a character with the use of tickets. You must score the amount it says to spin the wheel of misfortune to get your character to go on your map.All games in here are all the games in the whole map.

I would rate this game a 9.5/10 because this game would receive a 10 if adrenaland came out, but overall the graphics and gameplay are good. Last but not least, you can get this game for free on  ios and android.

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