Blood of Olympus Book Review

Blood of Olympus Book Review

By: Khanh P. & Carly P.;staff writers


download    An adventure book just released in Fall of 2014, written by the one and only Rick Riordan! This is one of the books that many people have been waiting for. To avoid spoiling this book, I won’t include major details of the book. The Percy Jackson Series is one of the best series in the 21st century. Many people still debate today on which series books is better, Percy Jackson, or Harry Potter. And this is not the last book Rick Riordan will write, don’t worry. Rick Riordan will be writing a new book series, which is notified in the last few pages of the Blood of Olympus. It is still unknown if Rick will continue the Percy Jackson series, but his career of writing great adventure stories won’t end, at least not just yet.


the-blood-of-olympus-cover            Many people probably expect that this book is like the Divergent series, but it’s not; this is an adventure fantasy book. Unlike the Divergent and Harry Potter series, Blood of Olympus takes you through many unexpected things, where your breath can be taken away as you read. For those who never read the Percy Jackson Series, it is highly recommended for you to read this book. At the end of every single book, it’s a cliff hanger, luring you to read the next book. Many people on campus enjoy the series and are looking forward to reading the Blood of Olympus.


The Blood of Olympus will take you through one of the best adventures that Percy Jackson experiences along with his friends, Annabeth, Jason, Frank, Hazel, and Nico. This book will conclude the blanks that everyone is dying to know. Along with that, new unraveled mysteries will appear, causing you to be on the edge of your chair the whole time you read.


The Blood of Olympus is quite possibly the last book in the Percy Jackson series. Join Percy on his last prophecy adventure. You won’t be disappointed when you read this book, with it’s many endless surprises and expected factors.

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