Trivia App Comparisons

Trivia App Comparisons

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


trivia  This year people have been buzzing around about these new trivia games and they are really starting to get popular.Everyone is playing them and these games are getting major ratings, but the question is. Which one out of the main four is considered the best.Well even me myself ,have been playing these trivia games and from what I have observed there really is only one that is growing more than the others even though the others are quite famous.The four main trivia games are Quiz Up,Trivia Crack,4 pics 1 word,and Logos Quiz. These four have really become popular.

QuizUp-iOS-Free The first one on our list of four is Quiz Up. This trivia game is filled with over 600 categories to choose from and play.From my experience with this game it is a very fun and great game to play, but of course there are always pros and cons of each games.The con about this games is that it kind of takes a while for your random opponent to be chosen when you are ready to play the game.The pros is that it has tons of categories to chose from and its a great way to learn new things.You can get this app for free on the appstore on most of your electronic devices.

crack           Another one of our famous trivia games is Trivia Crack.This is known as the biggest trivia game in the world. This game is actually to test your knowledge.The great thing about this game is that you can play with friends and family all the time as long as they have the app and a valid username. The only bad thing about this game is that your game expires after a while if you or your partner does  not answer their question on time, but the deadline is about 2 days.This app is also can be found in the appstore and used on most electronic devices.

grimace   Four pics that have one word outside.This may sound very familiar, well this is also another trivia game called 4 pics 1 word.This game is a great way to test your brain and learn new skills.the one thing about this game is that lots of ads pop up and sometimes it can be a bit laggy.Sometimes when you get stuck on a question it makes it a little harder for you to move on with the game and that may cause you to give up.You have to have patience. This app is also available on most electronic devices.

The last trivia game is called Logo’s Quiz.This trivia game has hundreds of logos to guess from and play.This is known as the number 1 brand logo quiz in the world, according to the designer of the game. I have played this logosbefore and it is great if you been practicing and memorizing your logo’s, but if you don’t then I don’t advise you to play the game.This does not mean you shouldn’t try this, you should just to try it and see if you like it.The good thing about this app is that there are no interruptions liken ads when you play this game and it never ends.This is also available on most electronic devices.

Well that really concludes the main four most famous trivia games, but one question is still not answered. Which is the greatest?, well I have some results that show which one is the best. I basically found the current ratings of each game and only one came out with a win.The winner was Trivia Crack, in the lead with 4.5 as its ratings.Following in second place with 4.4 in a tie was 4 pics 1 word and logos quiz. In last place was Quiz Up with a rate of 4.3. Now we know who is in the lead and which app you should definitely check out at your app store. All apps stated in this article do not have a cost they are free.

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